Paid Social

Social Media Marketing Preston based company Abstract Media can help.

Social media captures 30% of all time spent online which means it is a great way to get your brand in front of thousands of people in an instant. You can achieve huge exposure as consumers browse and recommend your site. Posts are specifically targeted across Facebook and Instagram to not only drive brand awareness but sales too. We offer social media marketing.

All our campaigns are designed to capture your target audience and increase revenue and brand awareness. We can target by demographics, interests, location and even behaviours of the consumer to ensure the perfect campaign is created for your business.

Here is a breakdown of some of the social media platforms we offer:

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly users, it is huge! It also offers a unique opportunity to segment the audience and target you who want directly. This can be done via engaging content, promotions or ads. We offer a collection of ads to suit your business’ every need, all of which are tailored to your campaign goals.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram has over 500 million monthly users and holds a huge revenue potential for brands. It is primarily a photo-sharing platform but also offers the opportunity to integrate targeted visual content into consumers’ feeds – allowing for brand exposure and conversion opportunities.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube globally has over 5 billion videos viewed per day which makes it a highly effective platform to advertise on. Video content in the form of TrueView Discovery, TrueView InStream and Bumper ads can help your business reach consumers with specific interests and channel preferences. The great thing is, you only pay when you engage!

Other Social Advertising

We can also run campaigns on Twitter, Linkedin and Snapchat to reach your target audience on their preferred platform. Speak to us directly for more information and advice on social media marketing Preston and which is the best platform to use to reach the demographic you are aiming for.